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 Annual Travel Insurance

Summary of Benefits | Stability Clause
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 Travel with confidence.

Travel is full of unexpected adventures. In an emergency medical situation, however, you may not always know where to turn or be prepared to deal with sudden additional expenses to get you well and get you home. Your provincial health care coverage is limited, even within Canada.

With MROO’s Annual Travel Insurance Plan, you can travel with confidence, knowing that help is just a phone call away.


When you and/or your spouse apply for the MROO Health Care Plan, this will be the only chance to enroll in the MROO Annual Travel Insurance Plan. When you are accepted in the MROO Health Care Plan, you are guaranteed acceptance in the MROO Annual Travel Insurance Plan. If you are enrolling as a couple in the MROO Health Care Plan, and adding the MROO Annual Travel Insurance Plan, you must take couple coverage for both plans.

If you are already insured under an annual travel insurance plan, enrollment in the MROO Annual Travel Insurance Plan will be effective upon termination of your existing plan which will be the next annual renewal date of that plan.

 Annual Travel Plan

Unlimited trips during the policy year

 Top Up Insurance

If you are taking a longer trip than your MROO Annual Travel Insurance Plan allows, you can contact our travel insurance provider directly at 1-877-762-9207 to purchase a separate insurance plan for the additional days. They also offer non-medical coverage, which includes Travel Cancellation, Travel Interruption and Baggage benefits.

 Worldwide Assistance on Call

After enrollment, you will be issued a medical assistance card with emergency telephone numbers that you can call in the event of a medical emergency.

Benefit (per trip) Limit

Hospital Accommodation

reasonable and customary

Physician Charges

reasonable and customary

Incidental Expenses

up to $250

Prescription Drugs

30-day supply per prescription

Diagnostic Services

reasonable and customary

Private Duty Nurse

up to $5,000

Medical Appliances

reasonable and customary

Paramedical Services

$250 per profession

Treatment of Dental Accidents

up to $2,000

Ground Ambulance Services to nearest medical facility

Emergency Air Transportation

reasonable and customary

Return of Travel Companion

one-way airfare

Transportation to Bedside

round-trip airfare

Meals and Accommodation

up to $150 per day, $3,000 per trip

Vehicle Return

up to $5,000

Return of Deceased

up to $5,000

 IMPORTANT: Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

If you have a pre-existing medical condition, it will be covered provided it has remained stable for a period of six months immediately prior to departure.

For high blood pressure conditions only, the stability period is three months.

Your policy will include the definition of "stable." Please refer to your policy for the complete list of exclusions and limitations.

 Important Notice About Your Personal Information

MROO Annual Travel Insurance Plan
Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Company of Canada (“we”, “us”) collects, uses and discloses personal information (including to and from your agent or broker, our affiliates and/or subsidiaries, referring organizations and/or third party providers/suppliers) for insurance purposes, such as administering insurance, investigating and processing claims and providing assistance services.

Typically, we collect personal information from individuals who apply for insurance, and from policyholders, insureds and claimants. In some cases we also collect personal information from and exchange personal information with family, friends or travelling companions when a policyholder, insured or claimant is unable, for medical or other reasons, to communicate directly with us.We also collect and disclose information for the insurance purposes from, to and with, third parties such as, but not necessarily limited to, health care practitioners and facilities in
Canada and abroad, government and private health insurers and family members and friends of policyholders, insureds or claimants. In some instances we may additionally maintain or communicate or transfer information to health care and other service providers located outside of Canada, particularly in those jurisdictions to which an insured may travel. As a result, personal information may be accessible to authorities in accordance with the law of these other jurisdictions. For more information about our privacy practices or for a copy of our privacy policy, visit