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Are you retirement ready? Click here for an online presentation about health and dental benefits in retirement.

An extra measure of security for your retirement years.

Most people appreciate retirement for the freedom it offers, but along with this freedom from working comes such new responsibilities as finding affordable health care protection that you and your spouse can depend on. Thatís where we can help.

The MROO Health and Dental Care Plans offer valuable benefits at a reasonable cost, including coverage for prescription drugs, medical supplies, paramedical services and vision care. In addition, an optional Annual Travel Insurance Plan can be added for a minimal premium. Both you and your spouse can enroll and, provided premium is paid, you can continue coverage for life.1

1The standard guaranteed enrollment period is 90 days from the date employer-sponsored benefits terminate. You may still apply after 90 days, however, enrollment is not guaranteed. Please see How to Enroll for more information.

Our MROO health and dental plans are our most popular choice, but you may also be intrested in the following: Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance, Convalescent Care Insurance and Travel Insurance.

ENCON. Get experience on your side.

As the program manager for MROO's insurance program, ENCON Group Inc. has been providing post-retirement benefits services, including plan design, distribution and administration, for over 35 years. Our retiree insurance specialists are readily available to answer your questions and advocate on your behalf.

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Are you an employer with retiring employees?

ENCON offers onsite pre-retirement seminars to help your employees better understand what government insurance is available to seniors in Ontario, and why private insurance is an important consideration. We'll also introduce the MROO Retiree Benefits program and be available to answer questions about coverage.

For more information, click here to view our "Are You Retirement Ready" online presentation.

To arrange a seminar, contact:
David Martindale, Account Executive
Retiree Benefits – ENCON Group Inc.
905-755-2052 | 1-877-732-2879 ext. 2052