Claims Service 

ENCON provides in-house claims services for our professional liability and construction insurance products.*

Our strong reputation in the marketplace reflects our ability to efficiently and effectively defend our clients. ENCON’s highly specialized team of analysts, adjusters and legal counsel ensures that claims are managed proactively throughout the entire life of a claim. And most importantly, we keep our clients apprised of what to expect every step along the way.

Although many claims take the form of lawsuits, where possible, ENCON tries to resolve the situation through alternate dispute resolution methods such as discussion, negotiation, mediation and arbitration. We believe that this approach can help to settle a claim, while also protecting vital business or professional relationships.

When you report a claim or circumstances that could give rise to a claim, a claims analyst will contact you promptly. We will then work to resolve the claim as quickly as possible. However, it is essential that you notify us as soon as possible.

If you are unsure as to whether a matter should be reported to ENCON, please call the Claims department for advice, or to discuss a claims situation on a confidential basis. We are here to help you.

* Claims for Property & Crime and Commercial Umbrella Liability are managed by the insurers. For claims information on our Group and Retiree Benefits insurance plans, please click here.