Protect yourself, now and for the future.

Like many others in the workforce, your employer-sponsored benefits may terminate immediately on retirement or will only continue until you turn 65. While many provincial health insurance plans offer additional coverage for seniors, the recent trend in most parts of Canada has been to reduce that coverage and place more of the burden on you.

Recovery after an illness can be lengthy, especially as we get older. It's important to include a health care insurance solution in your overall retirement planning so that you can focus on your future, confident that you have taken steps to protect yourself from unexpected health care costs. ENCON can help.

ENCON offers comprehensive Health and Dental plans to supplement your provincial health insurance.

  • If you reside in Canada and are between the ages of 50 and 75, you are eligible to enroll.
  • Your coverage will continue for life, provided your premium is paid.
  • You can enroll as a single person or as a couple.
  • If you enroll within 90 days of the termination of employer-sponsored coverage, your enrollment in the ENCON health and dental plan will be guaranteed.
  • If you apply after the 90-day guaranteed acceptance period, a medical questionnaire will need to be completed.

In addition to health and dental care, ENCON offers Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance and Travel Insurance.