• Retiree Benefits Kit for Employers & Associations 

    Help your employees prepare for retirement.

    Health care and dental care benefits are an important consideration in retirement. Once employer-sponsored coverage is terminated, the retiree is responsible for all medical and dental costs not covered by a provincial plan. And, as we know, it's not a question of if there will be out-of-pocket expenses, but how much they will be, particularly as we age.

    ENCON's MROO (Municipal Retirees Organization Ontario) Retiree Benefits program is designed specifically for municipal and other public service employees in Ontario. It's an easy and cost effective way for your retiring employees to continue their health and dental care benefits after they leave the workforce. There is no cost to you and no administration required. All you need to do is hand out one of our brochures or send your employees to our website (www.encon.ca/mroo). We take care of the rest.


    • Onsite retirement health care seminars
    • Dedicated Retiree Benefits specialists at your service
    • Long-term commitment to the retiree marketplace